Telephone calls and personal visits by trained volunteers for primarily Turkish residents in the UK who needs a Turkish speaking companion.

There are hundreds of isolated Turkish speaking people in the UK who are suffering from unfortunate conditions and need a companion to call them and spend some time talking on anything they want to. People who need such a service varies including prisoners, elderly, patients confined to a bed or mental health hospitals, asylum seekers, refugees and youngsters. This service makes life easier for a lonely or isolated person who may be passing through a difficult time in their life without a meaningful companionship.

What we offer:

We offer free befriending service over the phone or by the person. We operate through big-hearted bi-lingual(Turkish and English) volunteers among whom you can choose to talk or meet depending on your conditions and requests. If finding the best match takes some time we offer the second most appropriate volunteers to join the service.

Volunteers call you on an arranged hour and speak with you on the topics that you would like to discuss. Sometimes, they just listen to you and make you just feel that you are listened to by a likeminded friend.

If you ask for professional advice in a religious/spiritual or a cultural matter, we can arrange a special call with a professional at one of the calling sessions.

Sometimes, people need just somebody who is from their home country to be able to make friendship without having social or communication-related barriers. Therefore, this service helps vulnerable and isolated people to relate with the society and feel a sort of engagement with the community.

Please contact us to arrange a service or get extra details